Draw, Stitch & Burn

Please join us Saturday, April 5th, 5-8pm for the opening reception for Eve Deisher and Lanny Bergner at Gallery Cygnus. This two-person exhibition runs Friday, April 4th, through Sunday, May 18th.

Both Deisher and Bergner present highly inventive work made or maybe conjured out of intensive manipulation and sensitivity to materials. In Eve’s work, drawing is the foundation. Combining paper, fabric and thread, her love of line and mark making is equally apparent in her exquisite use of both charcoal and thread. As with Bergner’s work, woven material becomes ethereal structure, woven thread and wire become line, and all of it is her drawing.

The ethereal quality of Lanny’s work is in contrast to the mundane materials he uses. In most recent work he employs pyrography techniques on sheets of steel mesh causing the visible surfaces to quickly shift, patterns appearing and disappearing as our gaze moves across the forms, geology and musing on the cosmology of the universe.