Mary Randlett

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Mary Randlett passed away January 17th, 2019 at the age of 94. Her photography won many awards and is archived at the Special Collections Library at the University of Washington. The Museum of Northwest Art named her a Northwest Luminary Artist. She was the last survivor in the first wave of Northwest Mystic artists, having befriended Clayton and Barbara James, Morris Graves and Mark Toby, and having made portraits of figures prominent in that movement. She is shown here in a 2011 show at Gallery Cygnus, celebrating her portraiture. She is also known for her stunning landscape photography, and she exhibited this work at the gallery in several shows. Her fans would often ask what kind of camera she used. Her photographs were not dependent on technology, but on a vision that she saw possible in her minds eye. She would often set out on a quest with only camera, tripod and sandwich packed into her trusty Subaru, and spend the day looking for just the right perch and wait for just the right light. She composed in camera, and used no digital technology. She was an American original and will be missed.