BELOVED The Courtship of Place For many years I lived in a rustic cabin with Ika Island looming a short distance away. On winter nights, especially, the sight of it standing silently while the sun dropped beneath its silhouette gave … Continue reading


MYSTIC MASTERS TWO “Mystic Masters” refers not so much to a specific way of putting on paint or sculpting clay, but more, perhaps, to a way of paying attention. It might be expressed as the faithful recording by the monks … Continue reading

Todd Horton / Caitlin Ahern: Wilderness Wars

Gallery Cygnus is pleased to announce the opening of Wilderness Wars, a new exhibition of work by artists Caitlin Ahern and Todd Horton, on view at 109 Commercial Ave., May 7th-June 30th, 2016. Please join us for the artists’ reception … Continue reading


Thoughts on Chromaphilia

Maggie Wilder:  Chromaphilia was the name I came up with after pairing Steve Immerman’s glass sculpture with Kathleen’s prints and paintings.  Though there’s diverse media in this show, the overarching passion for the sensate is so clear.  Steve’s glass sculpture … Continue reading

Thoughts on “Searching for Soul”

  CONVERSATIONS WITH ELIZABETH TAPPER   Maggie Wilder: There’s been a steady stream of visitors here at Gallery Cygnus to see this exhibit, “Searching for Soul”, the portrait work of Mary Randlett and Cathy Stevens. And I’ve noticed that many … Continue reading

Thoughts on the Clayton James show at Gallery Cygnus

Maggie Wilder: Elizabeth, your collaborations in printmaking with many Northwest artists have given you a window into the work of many influential figures. Any thoughts on the Clayton James show at Gallery Cygnus? Elizabeth Tapper: When I walked in I … Continue reading