About the Gallery

The mission of Gallery Cygnus is to provide a contemplative space for the presentation of artist’s offerings to their public.

The Gallery was inspired by the possibility of a new art venue that could hold the labor of artists in a way that made its value distinct. We aim to support the livelihood of artists and the liveliness of the art community with shows of a wide variety of artists and diverse media.

We hope to meet and raise the expectations of visitors to the Skagit Valley in search of an art destination. In beginning this endeavor at an historic time of great possibility, we hope, in our way, to reaffirm the necessity of art for the health of culture.

PLEASE NOTE:  As of July 26th, 2016, Gallery Cygnus flew from its former site of nine years.  The Swan is presently roosted in the ethers, destination unknown.  We hope you’ll continue to enjoy the artwork in constantly rotating shows on this website. You can also arrange appointments for viewing and purchasing work by calling the gallery at 360 708 4787.