Todd Horton / Caitlin Ahern: Wilderness Wars

Gallery Cygnus is pleased to announce the opening of Wilderness Wars, a new exhibition of work by artists Caitlin Ahern and Todd Horton, on view at 109 Commercial Ave., May 7th-June 30th, 2016. Please join us for the artists’ reception May 7th, Saturday, 5 – 8pm.

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Wilderness Wars will feature paintings and sculpture that examine the idea of a world where human desires, beliefs, hatred and greed exist among animals. Divided by species, they engage in battles over not simply territory or food, but over opinions and dreams.

In Wilderness Wars, the artists imagine what these hallmarks of humanity – the good and the bad, the consequential and banal, the sacred and the profane, the beautiful and the repugnant – might reveal to us as portrayed in the eyes, the minds and the bodies of animals.

Todd Horton is a painter and sculptor who lives in Edison, WA. He works at his studio in La Conner and has shown his paintings several times at Gallery Cygnus. Caitlin Ahern is a painter who lives and works in Nahant, Maine. This will be her first time showing at Gallery Cygnus.