Artists and Astounding Art from the Skagit Valley

 Artists of the Skagit Valley

Maggie Wilder Swimming with the Tao  o/c (triptych)  15×66″  $2,300

William Slater, Kathleen Faulkner, Bo Miller, Maggie Wilder.  All are artists of the Skagit Valley, though none were born there.  They all four consciously chose a place to live and make art.  It wasn’t a career move.  Drawn first perhaps for the look of the place, yes.  But then the land and water raised us.  Raised us, and along with that upbringing our consciousness was raised, too. 

We tended homes, tended gardens.  Tended some of the wild things we found around us, and in ourselves, too.

Excerpted from the book Far From the Centers of Personal Ambition: The Life and Work of William Slater:  “When one is tending one’s life well, there is no need for other entertainment.”

You can see Maggie Wilder’s and Kathleen Faulkner’s work at Perry and Carlson Gallery, 510 1st Street, Mount Vernon Washington.