Anne Schreivogl – Petals of Hope: An Artist and Her Mission

Anne Schreivogl has evolved into an artist with stature and a growing fan base in an amazingly short time.  Her whimsical notions in paint are a refreshing antidote to Northwest gloom and belie a serious study of color.

 What is also perhaps not apparent is that behind such sensual delight is an artist with humanitarian intentions.

 Anne has committed to delivering 40 paintings to Japanese citizens who continue to be displace by the March 11th, 2011 tsunami.  She will hand deliver this work exactly one year after the desaster.

 You can view Anne’s new work and support her endeavor.  See this heartfelt work.  Purchase one of the paintings in the gallery and help send Anne on her way to Japan with the 40 cherry blossom paintings she created especially for the people who are still living in temporary housing, awaiting relief.   (Many of the paintings are 5 x 5 inches and are only $200!)

 Some examples from the show: