Todd Horton July August 2015

A new series of paintings by Todd Horton, “Twilight of the Wyrd Wood” will be on display July 10th through August 30th. Todd lives on the Samish river near Edison and works full time at his new studio in La Conner. What has influenced Todd’s latest body of work is where he lives. It’s a place where opposing worlds, like lovers, embrace and blend, and then again are parted, creating that space and time of “In Between”. It is here where the magic blooms. Those zones of convergence: twilight, the estuaries, the play of giving and receiving of lovers and the fluid ever back and forth of the tidal flow, bounded by solid earthen dikes.

Oil on Canvas

This painting is called “In the twilight of the forest dream, some are legendary, empowered by poetry, to struggle beneath the star strewn sky along the borer-less country, witness to birdsong and the final act of the Wilderness War.”