Maggie Wilder’s Woodblock Prints

Maggie Wilder has made woodblock prints throughout her career. Some of these, like On Our Way to Kraft Island, were made for a legendary chapbook of poetry by Georgia Johnson and Clifford Burke entitled “Finding Beet Seed”. Others, like Cattail Trill and Broken Island, Wading Hunter, are prints she made after paintings sold and she wanted to study the image anew, this time in the dramatic contrast of a woodcut. The painting above, Where Winter Finds Me, is available and the subsequent woodblock print as well. Most of these have never been exhibited. They are printed on handmade Kitakata rice paper. Each print is an edition of sixty. Each original print is signed. They measure 11×8.5″. They are available in minimalist glass frames with clips for $150 each, or a suite of three for $350. Or you can choose a framed print like the one shown at bottom for $225. 

You can call the gallery to arrange a purchase and delivery: 360 708 4787, or send an email to  Order now for Valentine’s Day!