Maggie Wilder at 2022 Art’s Alive

I’m so happy to have been invited to this year’s Art’s Alive Show! Four fabulous days at Maple Hall in La Conner, beginning November 11th. My offerings below.

Maggie’s Artist Statement
The elimination of most color from my latest body of work was not clear to me until I was well into the series. My desire has long been to feel deeply “at home” in the places I have lived. Those places, like the people I’ve loved, are less and less about the way they reflect light, and more about something glowing from within, and a fluid, energetic presence. This became more visible with a limited palette.
By using both left and right hands in making the work, I hope to invite information that does not come from my intellect. I invite the energy of place to become a wild gesture from the common wilderness we share, and I cultivate that gesture as I paint.
This year I have become intimate with a nearby beach. I enter the water and become part of the space I love. It is an uncommon view, perhaps shared by other creatures. As I bob in the swells, I feel myself being breathed by the sea.
I come home to paint, and long to hold what has held me so closely.