Please come see the fabulous color works of Kathleen McCarty and Steve Immerman.  This show is truly a feast for the senses.  We’ll be celebrating Chromaphilia (it’s legal!) between 3 – 5 p.m., Saturday, July 2nd with dessert for palate and eye.  Show continues through August 28th.

The work of both these artists seem to enter our experience from the eye to the heart, bypassing critical thinking or even recognition, allowing moments of a pure sensational joy.

Steve Immerman's "Exposure #11"

Kathleen McCarty was formally schooled at the Chicago Art Institute,  traveled abroad in her studies, and settled in the Pacific Northwest to establish a painting practice focusing on motion & color, inspired by living in the forest.

Kathleen McCarty's "Burst #4"

Her current work is inspired by the life of flowers.  The paintings seem to be made of frequencies just on the edge of visibility.  With sustained viewing, they seem to expand the visible spectrum, sensitizing the view’s ability to (perhaps) see auras.

Her prints follow the buoyant life of flowers also, but employ the

Kathleen McCarty's "Falling"

crisp edge of knife work to take us into a world where we breathe not air, but color.


Steve Immerman has been a glass artist for 25 years, balancing his life as  surgeon, artist, scientist, sensualist.  The refined geometrics of this series called “Exposures” are

Steve Immerman's "Exposure #10"

hermetic worlds, containing pattern and light not unlike small aquariums.  His sense of color feels almost like a flavor on the tongue, and a delicious one at that.


Steve immerman's "Exposure #20"


Steve Immerman's "Exposure #26a"