A Few Paintings to Get You Through the Winter


Maggie Wilder

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To Stay or Go o/c 13x16" $700

For years I’ve been rediscovering a constant theme in my own work: the Cultivated next to Nature, The Domestic & The Wild, the human artifact juxtaposed to the landscape, our original nature and socialization, the inside and the outside.  Often overheard at the ice cream stand at Snowgoose Produce are exclamations of the beautiful and “natural” Skagit Valley.” Licking my cone, I have wondered what those Dutch immigrants might think about that, as they burned and cleared the cedar swamp that was to become Fir Island. Not that I want to rain on anybody’s Lewis & Clark experience, but it seems to me that we need to recognize the difference between an actual pristine location (very little left on earth) and the marks left by humans, and reconcile the two. The work of the artist is often to imagine what has not been imagined before, in this case, a harmony that might include human endeavor.

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